Bridge Corner – Lesson 10: Responses to overcalls

IMG_0802A suit overcall can be obstructive on its own (helps with leads) but it is far more effective if the partner holds some support and can raise the overcall to a higher level that reduces vital bidding space of opponents.

Identify 3 rules for raising a bid: –

Responses to partners suit overcall: –
Pass – Why?
Single raise- Why?
Bid new suit – Why?
Jump shift to a new suit – Why?
1NT – Why?
2NT – Why?

Responses to 1NT overcalls (no interference): –

Pass – Why
2S – Why?
2NT – Why?
3NT – Why?
2C – Why?
2D – Why
2H – Why?

Responses to Takeout Double: –

What should you expect about the doubling hand?

No interference – What are the bids available? Explain what each bid should mean.

Responding to 1NT doubled by partner.

What should you expect from the doubling hand?
What are the bids available? Explain each bid that you can make.
Response to Overcalls (assume no bidding from opponents)

Overcall Responder’s
1. 1H 2C Kxx xxx Qxxx Axx
2. 1D 1NT Ax QJxx Jxx Qxx
3. 1NT X Jxxxx x Qxxx xxx
4. 1C 1H KQxxx xx Axxx Kx
5. 1S X Qxx Jxxx KJ xxxx