Bridge Corner – Lesson 4 (Consolidation work lessons 1 – 3)



Lesson 4 – Revision of the Bidding System so far.


  1. Opening 1 of a suit – 3 facts: –



  1. Opening 1NT – 4 facts: –




  1. Responses to 1NT: –















  1. Responding to a suit opening:-

Minimum pts. required: –

At the 1 level


At the 2 level


5 Supporting partners suit – pts. required and no. cards


at the 2 level


at the 3 level


at the 4 level


  1. When assessing a hand’s strength what else should be considered?

Bidding Sequences


  1. Opening Hand                                  Bidding sequence                          Final Contract



xx AxxxxKQx Axx


Responder Hand
Qxxx Jx Axxx KJx


  1. Opening Hand


Axx KQx AJxx Qxx


Responder Hand


Qxxx xxx Kxx Kxx


3 Opening Hand

Qx AJxxx KQxxx x


Responder Hand


AJx Kxx xx AQxxx

  1. Opening Hand



Kxxx AKxx Qxx Jx


Responder Hand


QJxx Jxxx Kx Kxx



  1. Opening Hand


Jxx KQx Axxx QJx


Responder Hand


Qxxxx xxx Jx xxx


6.Opening Hand Bidding Sequence Final Contract


QJx Axx Ax AQxxx


Responder Hand


Xxx Qxx KJxxx Jx



  1. Opening Hand


QJxx AJx Kx Qxxx


Responder Hand


x xxx AJxxxx Jxx



  1. Opening Hand


KJx Axx Kxx QJxx


Responder Hand


Qx KQxxx Axx(D)Kxx


9 Opening Hand


KJxxx Ax xx KQJx


Responder Hand


Ax KJxx KJxxx Ax



10 Opening Hand


KQxxx Qx Axx KJx


Responder Hand


Axxx KJxx KQxx x