Bridge Corner – Lesson 9: Overcalls Revision

IMG_0799An Overcall is any bid of a suit or NT after an opponent/s have bid.

List the main objectives of an overcall

2. Overcall in a Suit –

Guarantees at least how many cards in the suit bid?

And what two other things?

To overcall a suit: –
How many HCP at the 1 level?
How many HCP at the 2 level?
How many HCP at the 3 level?
1NT overcalls of a suit: –
How many HCP are indicated?
What other thing would be expected?

Takeout Double
List at least 4 things that you expect from this bid?

Doubling 1NT opening.
List at least 3 things that can be expected by this bid: –

Opening Bid Over-callers hand Overcall Why

Editing in progress – please be patient


Hand Bid   ♠   ♥   ♦   ♣
1. 1S K3 AJxx Qxxx Axx
2. 1NT Qxx xx AQxxx KJX
3. 1H QJxx Axxx Ax Kxx
4. 1NT AJx QJxx KQx KJx
5. 1D Qxx KQxxx xx Qxx