Digital Devices Survey 2015

Are you getting everything you expected from your latest high-tech phone or tablet? Are you master of your laptop or desktop computer? Or …

  • In a muddle with your Hudl?
  • Having to grapple with your Apple?
  • Not very ‘appy with your apps?

Don’t let it get you down! We can all feel guilty and stupid when we can’t manage to do what others appear to find easy. But everyone has encountered difficulties and frustrations trying to make new technologies work as we hoped and were led to believe it might.

Upper Bann U3A wants to help you master your fears and phobias through a combination of utilising outside expertise and tapping into the experience that we already have within our group.
We have had a generous offer from O2 in Banbridge to give free lessons to small groups in the use of these devices. To establish how this would work best we have created a short survey on the reputable Survey Monkey web site.

We invite everyone who uses or plans to use digital devices, even those who feel they need no help, to complete this survey to establish the usefulness of this exercise and likely uptake before 18th December.

To take the survey please click on this link: UpperBann U3A Survey

If you’re willing to assist others by sharing basic “How to” skills you could contact John Trimble at telling him your area of “expertise” i.e. on iPad, Android phone, Windows laptop or whatever. You don’t have to be a guru or nerd to help.