u3a Trust – 40th Anniversary Quilt Competition

Dear trustees, the competition for the creation of a u3a 40th anniversary quilt has now been launched and has attracted a reasonable amount of interest with over 1,000 hits on the website.

I’m writing to ask you to promote this competition in your area so that we get a response from u3as right across the UK. Kelly Benton, the Craft Subject Adviser has been very pro-active and has set up a number of social media pages. Information about the competition can also be found under the Events tab, 40th anniversary.  

We’ve had a number of queries about what will happen to quilt squares which haven’t been selected as winners. The data and copyright rules for the quilt state:

Data and copyright for Anniversary quilt 

  • Worldwide copyright for the quilt will remain with the author but all entrants must give permission as the author of the submitted square for the Third Age Trust and Third Age Trust Trading Ltd to hold, process and display the work on their website, social media accounts and in other Trust media e.g Third Age Matters magazine, in relation to this competition. You will always be credited alongside your story, if chosen. 
  • The Third Age Trust and Third Age Trust Trading Ltd will have the right to edit and publish the submitted work on their websites, social media accounts, in Third Age Matters and/or in an eBook. 
  • The Third Age Trust may contact you only in relation to your story and your data will not be used for any other purpose.  

 With this in mind and the fact that the Entry form asks members to state their u3a and region, I thought it would be an opportunity for the regions and devolved countries to use the unchosen quilt squares as they wished. It would provide a lasting memento for each region / country in addition to the national quilt.

I’d be very pleased if you could provide links to the quilt entries on the national website so that your u3as are inspired to enter the competition Anniversary Quilt competition or include a reference in your newsletters.

Best regards

Michaela Moody